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MySpace Social Networking Secrets
 Name of book:Beginner's & Advanced Guide to MySpace
 Author:Ron Rougeaux
 Blurb:Inexpensive MySpace help! MySpace step-by-step help for beginning to advanced tips, tricks and techniques!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "Beginner's & Advanced Guide to MySpace" is 140 pages of crucial step-by-step MySpace tips, tricks and techniques. This ebook has all the cutting edge information you'll need to get on MySpace fast and safe. You'll have all the MySpace information you need.
  • Here's what you'll get instant access to:
    -Some of the best and most interesting sites on MySpace have different themes. Make your profile into a theme! (See Page 72 in Chapter 4)
    -How to get your profile on! (See the Quick Start Guide)
    -Post your own videos on MySpace? (See Page 64 in Chapter 4)
    -The "About Me" area. A very important section! (See Page 25 in Chapter 3)
    -Get more friends! (See Page 85 in Chapter 5)
    -Hide the comments being made on your MySpace profile (SeePage 45 in Chapter 3)
    -How to put your picture in the "personality and interests section." (SeePage 18 in Chapter 2)
    -How to put pictures as backgrounds on MySpace (See Page 65 in Chapter 4)
    -Do you have a band? Are you a comedian or film maker? MySpace hasn't forgotten their past and still gives special privileges to you! (See Page 54 in Chapter 3)
    -Build the Ultimate MySpace Profile! (See Page 78 in Chapter 4)
    -Know how to set up the variety of "privacy options". Probably one of the most important sections on MySpace! (See Page 43 in Chapter 3)
    -Editing your profile. How to change your profile after you fill them out? (See Page 23 inChapter 3)
    -How to add photos to your MySpace blog (See Page 60 in Chapter 4)
    -How to block users from bothering you on your MySpace profile and almost everything else! (See Page 43 in Chapter 4).
  • Here's what this ebook will show you privacy and security:
    -How to add video games and music players to your profile (See Page 74 in Chapter 4)
    -For the advanced to use HTML, CSS and DIV to make a "really ultimate profile"
    -Everything you want to know about MySpace groups! (See Page 48 in Chapter 3)
    -Discover one of the coolest ways to jazz up your MySpace! (See Page 59 in Chapter 4)
    -"Everything you wanted to know" about comments pages (See Page 45 in Chapter 3)
    -How and where to go for FREE MySpace editors and generators...(See Page 67 in Chapter 4)
    -Create amazing glitter graphics and mind-blowing personalized icons. Plus much, much more with MySpace editors(See Page 65 in Chapter 4)
    -How to connect your MySpace profile to your cellphone text messaging (See Page 50 in Chapter 3).
  • Price: $7.00 - Get Ebook Now
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