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Expert List Building Home Study Course
 Name of book:Expert List Building
 Author:Alex Newell and Kathy Baker
 Blurb:Expert List Building Is a home study course designed for beginners to learn the skills involved in Internet Marketing starting with the basics of Domain Names and Hosting and Market and Niche Research and Blogging, Traffic Generation and List Building.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Internet Business, Business Promotion, Subscriber and Customer List
  • The "Expert List Building" Program reveals most successful List building techniques to you. E-Book and companion Action Plan WorkBook aims at equipping you with knowledge so that you can ‘fast-forward’ your List Building progress. Here’s what the ‘Expert List Building’ program will do for you:
    -"Fast-Track Forward" your List building action plan to get results
    -Crash through all the information overload and equip yourself with the right information and the right knowledge
    -Achieve the cut-through to build your List effectively, powerfully and successfully
    -Follow a step-by-step plan that shows you how to build a list that gets results and build a successful internet business.
  • "Expert List Building" e-book is over 70 pages of valuable information that is your step-by-step easy to follow road map bible to building your successful Internet Business. Here’s what you will learn:
    -Starting Your Web Business
    How To Choose Your Market and Business
    Market Research Techniques and Tools
    -Setting Up the Mechanics
    How To Create Your Website
    How To Select Your Autoresponders
    How To Set Up Your Blog
    -Marketing and Promoting Your Web Business (Part 1)
    Forum Marketing
    Article Marketing
    Blog Comment Traffic
    Social Media Web 2.0
    Press/Media Releases.
  • "Expert List Building" Action Plan WorkBook is over 70 pages of practical Action Plan WorkBook format to complement your e-Book Manual, which you can work alongside with to plan out, take action, and implement your Action Plan to achieve your successful Internet Business. You will learn:
    -Getting Started
    -Initial Brainstorming and Research
    -Building Your Basic Business Machine
    -Building Your List - Action Steps
    -Resources and Recommendations.
  • You'll also get List Building Action Plans. 5 Action Plans for you to choose from that have been designed according to your personality type, strengths and skills - either Communicator, Action Taker, Networker, Investor, or Create My Own. These plans help you leverage on your strengths and have the Action Plan skeleton already mapped out for you to work with and fill in further.
  • Price: $97.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Expert List Building Home Study Course
Expert List Building Home Study Course
Price: $97.00