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Deer Hunting Secrets
 Name of book:Deer Hunting Secrets
 Author:Joe Pineland
 Blurb:Discover the Closely Guarded True Secrets of Master Hunters.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Deer, Deer Hunting
  • With Deer Hunting Secrets learn about a hunting system that will immediately:
    -actually attract deer
    -develop skills with wickedly easy almost forgotten hunting fundamentals
    -get immediate results with time honored tactics and develop expert familiarity with the latest hunting technology.
  • Here are some of the secrets you’ll learn inside this informative ebook:
    -Why hunters from southern states make a mistake when they go north in search of deer
    -A complete chapter for the novice hunter with detailed but easy-to-read information about state regulations, the tagging system, limits on types of weapons, and in and outs of the differences of hunting early in the season or late
    -The thing almost all hunters do to try to avoid being sensed by a deer that actually repels them twice as fast
    -A review of other resources for hunting and how to make your continuing education in hunting a constant and fun endeavor
    -7 things you need to know about whitetail anatomy and why it is important for all further undertanding about shot placement
    -What whitetail deer do most of the day in a secluded spot
    -The 4 essential secrets about arrow and bullet placement and why understanding these secrets is like getting a Ph.D. in deer anatomy
    -The absolute low down on what you need to know about deer senses so that you can understand why that regal buck is so hard to find and how to start looking at your environment with a new appreciation for deer and the natural world
    -The 6 things inexperienced hunters do that instantly tell a deer they are being hunted
    -It'll share the single most powerful thing you can do to become more successful at hunting, and why almost no hunters do it
    -How to take advantage of weather reports and changing weather patterns to find deer
    -The 4 laws of rutting behavior
    And much more.
  • You will also learn:
    -The right clothing is essential
    -Why you need to try on your hunting boots in late afternoon, believe it or not it could mean the difference between success and failure
    -The absolute best way avoid spending a fortune on binoculars and how to ensure you get top notch quality
    -An 11 item checkist for your day pack
    -15 secrets about firearms and 11 pages of detailed easily readable information about shotguns, rifles, suitable cartridges, high quality optics, firearms training and safety and how to practice efficiently, hunters all too often practice in a setting
    -It contains a full chapter on hunting from a deer stand
    -The 4 things you absolutely MUST do before leaving your house to avoid being sensed by deer
    -Why you should never use artificial antlers for rattling and how to obtain antlers and the secret about the ratio of does to bucks that make his successful
    -Too many reasons to count why early scouting of an area will put you way ahead of the overwhelming majority of hunters and what you need to be looking for when you are scouting an area.
    And much more.
  • Price: $24.77 - Get Ebook Now
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Deer Hunting Secrets
Deer Hunting Secrets
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