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Ad Infiltration :: New Adwords Guide!
 Name of book:Ad Infiltration
 Author:Steve Goltiao
 Blurb:14-Year old California gas attendant discovers the dirty little secret that slashes PPC bids to mere pennies, boosts CTR's Over 2,043% and skyrockets your profits 100% guaranteed!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "Ad Infiltration" covers 68 pages of juicy info that gets to the point and puts you in the position to drive massive amounts of highly-targeted, ready-to-convert traffic to your affiliate offers. Learn the secrets of grabbing gobs of highly targeted traffic, double-digit CTR's, and clicks for less than a penny. This info is going to change the way you do PPC and could dramatically increase your income online.
  • You are about to discover:
    -Why targeted traffic is drop-dead simple to find
    -How to skip all of the garbage and maximize every cent of your advertising dollars while boosting your ROI at the same time
    -How to drive thousands of people to your affiliate offers
    -How to get dirt-cheap clicks
    -How to "stalk" your target market and literally jam your ads in their faces...why wait for buyers to come to you when you can go and look for them
    -How you can legally “steal” potential buyers right from under your competitors’ noses and why they'll gladly give them to you
    -How to get other internet marketers to advertise FOR YOU, without them even knowing
    -How to multiply your CTR’s by 2000% or more, without paying higher CPC's to "buy" your way the top
    -How to take your keyword research to the "next level" and uncover loads of ripe, ready to buy traffic
    -How to take already profitable campaigns and set them on fire
    -How to use the Ad Infiltration techniques on Yahoo and MSN.
  • Price: $47.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Ad Infiltration :: New Adwords Guide!
Ad Infiltration :: New Adwords Guide!
Price: $47.00