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Search Engine Genealogy
 Name of book:Search Engine Genealogy
 Author:Charles J. (Chuck) Peterson
 Author bio:He is Director of Family History Center.
 Blurb:Search Engine Genealogy is an eBook that teaches people how to search for their ancestors on the internet.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Genealogy, Ancestory
  • Search Engine Genealogy, is a guide that will take you from the very start of your genealogical search and show you step-by-step how to use the Internet to research and compile your ancestry. From novice to expert, Search Engine Genealogy includes the information and resources you need to build a complete ancestry file online.
  • Benefits of Search Engine Genealogy:
    -Save time searching for places to find your ancestors on the Internet
    -Dramatically increase your chances of finding your ancestors
    -Find other people who are searching for your ancestors
    -Collaborate on your genealogy research and get support from other
    -Reduce the cost of your genealogy research
    -Keep informed of new resources for your genealogy research.
  • You'll learn how to:
    -Find genealogy web sites and data bases for each county in the United States
    -Find microfilms from the world’s largest genealogy library
    -Conduct a thorough search on Google (and the other general search engines)
    -Use the largest directory of genealogy web pages on the Internet
    -Search for your ancestors on genealogy-specific meta-search engines
    -Search and submit your genealogy queries to genealogy-specific discussion groups, forums, and mailing lists
    -Search for your ancestors on general meta-search engines and multi-search engines
    -Automate–somewhat–your genealogy research
    -Store and search what you find on the Internet
    -Monitor web pages that periodically add information on your genealogy
    -Search family and personal genealogy web sites
    -Use search engines where you can search the general search engines like Google and Yahoo
    -Do a basic search on the web sites and databases that will give you the best possible results
    -Do a thorough search on the Internet with a linked list of web sites
    -Find genealogy web sites and data bases for most of the countries of the world
    -Use Google to search for your ancestors
    -Get access to the largest genealogy database–ever expanding–for free.
  • Here are some other things you'll find in Search Engine Genealogy:
    -A site that will set up your Google searches automatically for you
    -Links to the four top genealogy search engines
    -Links to several sites where people submit their genealogies
    -List of directories with links to the most valuable web sites on the Internet
    -Several web sites that search several genealogy sites at the same time
    -Links to the most important web sites on the Internet for your genealogy research
    -Access to an ever expanding list of genealogy search engines, databases, and directories
    -A site that will send you a daily newsletter that provides new web sites and pages that you can use for your research
    -Web sites that will email you with new and changed web sites and pages with information on your ancestors
    -Lists of the best genealogy sites on the Internet
    -Links to the most productive genealogy surname search sites groups, forums, and mailing lists
    -Activities to help you learn the use of the resources presented in Search Engine Genealogy.
  • Price: $29.95 - Get Ebook Now
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