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Keep Your Marriage eBook
 Name of book:Keep Your Marriage: What to Do When Your Spouse Says "I don't love you anymore!"
 Author:Nancy J. Wasson and Lee Hefner
 Author bio:Nancy has been a counselor for 25 years.
 Blurb:What to Do When Your Spouse Says: I don't love you anymore! Keep Your Spouse from Bolting & Buy Time to Improve Your Marriage.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Marriage, Save Marriage
  • "Keep Your Marriage" is a easy-to-read guide containing the best and most effective tips on saving your relationship. You'll have the information and directions you need to begin rebuilding your close bond with your partner. Keep Your Marriage helps you take action IMMEDIATELY to develop deeper emotional ties. It gives you concrete ideas, suggestions, and activities you can use now with your spouse. Discover the strategies and techniques successful couples use, the ones that are designed to give you what you want -- a close and loving relationship with your marriage partner.
  • Among the benefits you get from "Keep Your Marriage" are:
    -Discover what the words "I don't love you anymore" can really mean
    -Ten important questions to ask yourself to decide if saving your marriage is possible
    -The top 21 marriage busters to avoid
    -Why begging and pleading don't work and can actually harm your chances of success
    -What sentence you need to write on an index card and carry with you each day to keep your energies focused and positive
    -Sixteen ways to build a strong foundation of support for yourself so that you can successfully confront your core relationship issues
    -Twenty-five ways to deepen your relationship with your partner and create a loving, rewarding marriage
    -How to keep the sexual fires burning brightly
    -Learn what are four pillars of a quality marriage
    -What to say to your family and friends to let them know you need support, and how to avoid answering questions
    -A surprising word of advice you won't be expecting
    -Essential pointers for parents and stepparents to protect the well-being of your kids during the marital crisis.
  • The book has a goal of maintaining a positive balance with each other on a daily basis. Using this method, when you've built up large positive reserves of goodwill with each other, your relationship is in good shape. That way, when you need to ask for extra understanding or patience from your spouse, you have enough goodwill accumulated in your account to cover the request. You find your marriage spiraling upward to heights you never imagined. Emotional intimacy is enhanced, mutual respect is increased, and sex becomes better.
  • Price: $29.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Keep Your Marriage eBook
Keep Your Marriage eBook
Price: $29.95