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Create Your First Business Web Site!
 Name of book:How To Create Your First Business Web Site In 10 Days!
 Author:Milana Leshinsky
 Author bio:A professional web developer and the author of this e-book, and a full-time Internet entrepreneur.
 Blurb:One of a kind interactive manual for beginners on starting a business web site. Video demos included with each step.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Web Design, Website Creation
  • It's a new electronic training course called "How To Create Your First Business Web Site In 10 Days!" and no stone in the web design process will be left unturned. So to speak. And by the end of the training course, you'll be transformed into a virtual web design master! It will be easy to build your own drop-dead business website in a flash...a website that will be ready to start pumping cash into your bank account every single day!
  • First inside the training course, you'll learn exactly where to get powerful web design software for free and how to use it. Discover how to get professional, easy to use software that will make it a cinch to create your business website in the blink of an eye. You get the software that you use to design your site. The software that uploads your site to the Internet. Software to create professional looking graphics for your site. All without spending a penny! And don't let the price tag fool you either. All the software creates high quality web design work and is super easy to use.
  • In this next part of the training course, you'll be walked through the entire creation process of your business website. You will learn everything you need to know to build and set-up your own attractive, professional, functional, easy to navigate, clear, sharp business website. A site you can use to sell your products and services to people all over the Internet. From starting to design your very first web page to uploading it all to the Internet once it is finished. You won't be left with any questions about what to do. Literally everything is covered in an easy to understand way.
  • You'll Find Out:
    Here's a partial list of some of the things you're going to learn how to do in this tutorial...
    -How to add text and change its size and color. Don't settle for plain old, standard, boring text. Spice up your page and put emphasis on certain words you want to attract attention to.
    -Who wants to look at a page of solid text? Discover how you can create a visually pleasing experience for your visitors so they want to stay at your web site.
    -Learn how to quickly insert pictures and links onto your web site with the click of a button!
    -Make a link so people can e-mail you directly from your web site.
    -Save and view your web page in a browser (just the way your visitors will see it!) This way you can always be sure everything is perfect before you upload your web page to the internet.
    -How to add a background to turn any boring ugly web site into a beaming masterpiece
    -Proven design techniques to help organize your web site so visitors don't get confused. Learn how to add bulleted and numbered lists, create tables with text and pictures inside, and add special bars to separate text in an easy to understand way.
    -Got a glitch your web design software can't seem to fix? Learn how to easily fix the problem the old fashioned way with the simple HTML code reference guide.
    -Load your web site onto the internet for the world to see without running into any problem causing glitches. Remember, the faster your site is online and ready, the faster you can start selling your wares to the world and be making money!
    -How to choose and register your own web site "address". Add tons of credibility to your business by getting your own domain name address. You'll learn how to choose your domain name and where to register it at the best price.
    -You'll need a place to put or "store" your web site on the internet. -Services called web hosts will rent you space to store your web site for a fee (many charge $40 or more per month). Mess up and choose a bad web host and you could be in big trouble. You're going to learn what to look for in a good web host, and where to find one charging less than $6 a month.
    -What 3 tools you will need to make your web site and get it up and running, and how to get them free. Save $100's of dollars on expensive software when you can do just as well with these.
  • You'll also discover...
    -Ingenious trick you can use to spy on other web sites and uncover their web design secrets
    -Insiders list of places to get FREE images and graphics to use on your web site
    -Three sneaky design secrets you can use to potentially suck in tons of visitors to your web site (Hint: This has nothing to do with promotion or advertising)
    -How to set-up your own message board to attract visitors
    -An easy way to create a poll on your web site to get visitor feedback -The easiest and best way to start selling your products or services directly from your site and how to get everything set-up as fast as lightning
    -The 12 deadly errors of getting set-up to process credit cards and how to avoid them
    -A special advanced section to teach you more advanced web design techniques like how to add animation to your web site, how to add music to your web site to enhance the visitors experience, and how to add a link to a specific spot on a web page
    -21 dangerous problems that will kill your web site and the steps you can take to avoid them
    -Like magic! 7 quick places to look for instant information to use on your web site
    -A complete list of technical web site and internet terms you can refer to anytime you find a word you're not familiar with.
  • Price: $39.97 - Get Ebook Now
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Create Your First Business Web Site!
Create Your First Business Web Site!
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