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Home Exchange Academy
 Name of book:Home Exchange Academy
 Author:Athena Rickby
 Author bio:The author is an expert Home Exchanger.
 Blurb:Home Exchange, as an economical form of travel is booming! A 25 year veteran of 40 successful home exchanges will make you an expert too! Learn how to pick the right club, set up your listing, contact other members and arrange exchanges like a pro.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "Home Exchange Academy" is a blueprint to swap homes for vacation. This e-book takes you by the hand and walk step by step through the entire Home Exchange process.
  • Home Exchange Academy starts at the beginning, detailing and explaining the differences between the surfeit of clubs currently clamoring for your membership dollars/pounds/euros. Which of their features should be viewed positively, which should be seen instantly as red flags. It then walks you through setting up your listing, with tips on how to expand the information they provide beyond the confines of your chosen club's web site; recommendations for corresponding with fellow members, how to initiate contacts and how to respond to inquiries you receive; car exchange - the do's and the don't's - with a sample Car Exchange Agreement; a sample Home Exchange Agreement and sample Home Exchange book.
  • Learn powerful secrets to:
    -Selecting the Home Exchange Club that's just right for you
    -Setting up your listing. This is the KEY. Get it right and the offers will pour in
    -Setting up your own Home Exchange Web Site
    -Contacting likely exchange partners
    -Developing likely inquiries
    -Writing a Home Exchange Agreement
    Plus, lots more.
  • Price: $17.00 - Get Ebook Now
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