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Home >> Society >> Shopping >> Win Swoopo: The Definitive Guide To Swoopo Auctions
Win Swoopo: The Definitive Guide To Swoopo Auctions
 Name of book:Win Swoopo
 Blurb:Swoopo is the most incredible shopping environment I have ever seen. Everyday people like you and I are winning sony big screen TV's, Canon Camera's, Hp Laptops With up to 98% off the recommended retail price. And the best thing is you can too!
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  • "Win Swoopo" is a definitive guide to winning Swoopo Auctions. It's packed full of practical information you can immediately use to win your next Swoopo auction. If you follow the guidelines outlined in the book, you will maximize your chances of winning a Swoopo auction and minimize your risk. If you don't have a strategy however, let the old adage Buyer Beware come into play. You can spend more than the item costs if you are not careful, especially with the BidButler.
  • The "Win Swoopo" book tells you everything you need to know, to win a great deal of Swoopo. Swoopo is shopping with Adrenilin, it has thrills, amazing bargains and intense competition. You need to understand the rules, how the other players think, and most of all you need a strategy. A rational, logical plan of attack. The Win Swoopo guide gives you the understanding, the confidence and the information you need to plan your next Swoopo victory.
  • Here's just a sampling of what you will learn:
    -How does Swoopo do it? Find out how Swoopo can afford to give away stuff for 80% - 90% off what it would cost them
    -Logic vs Emotion There are better times to play, and better days of the week to get better deals on those hotly sought after items
    -Winning Cash from Swoopo Would you like to win $1000 cash. Learn the secrets behind how the winning bidders do it. And then decide if you have what it takes to win
    -Winning Fixed Price Auctions on Swoopo
    -Winning Free Bids from Swoopo To win on Swoopo you need bids, and lots of them. The best discount is when it only costs the final price, and your bids are free. Pick up 50 or 300 free bids and really start winning
    -Using the BidButler The BidButler is Swoopo's automatic agent that will place bids on your behalf. He will also spend all the bids you give him in less than 5 seconds, chewing up your precious money. Win Swoopo explains the in's and out's of using the BidButler for your maximum advantage at minimum cost
    -How to pick an Auction Maximise your chances of winning, and spending the least bids in the process. Picking your auction carefully is crucial to your success
    -How to stretch your bids Ideally you want to spend the least amount possible to get the best discount. Win Swoopo shows you how to minimize your bidding only using them when absolutely necessary
    -Discount means paying less than RRP (Not More) Win Swoopo teaches you how to quickly calculate your winning price so you never step over the line
    Plus much more.
  • Price: $27.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Win Swoopo: The Definitive Guide To Swoopo Auctions
Win Swoopo: The Definitive Guide To Swoopo Auctions
Price: $27.00