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Home >> Society >> Language >> How To Verbally Destroy Someone
How To Verbally Destroy Someone
 Name of book:Win Arguments
 Author:James Avery
 Blurb:Learn how an introverted, alchoholic mute mastered psychological warfare and became a verbal hitman for a top NYC law firm.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • After you discover the secrets to winning arguments in "Win Arguments" ecourse, you will emerge as a master of communication, debate and argument. This 4-step course trains your mind to comprehend the most intense, calculated verbal warfare methods and manifest the techniques into real life situations. You'll:
    -Learn penetrating one liners
    -More than 1000 powerful insults and comebacks in 20 categories
    -Debate anyone with an unstoppable, killer angle
    -Verbal firepower for any situation
    -Mentally pulverize your opponent with insane combos of verbiage.
  • A winning argument is not easy, especially if you are up against a master. A winning argument requires:
    -Memory skill
    -Disciplined concentration
    -Breath control
    -History reference
    -Psychological endurance.
  • "Win Arguments" is going to train you to argue like a champion. It will teach you how to use powerful verbal techniques that will have a devastating effect on whoever you are arguing with. With this course, you will learn how to:
    -"Store" your opponent’s faults during your argument in your brain for use at a later time, while you simultaneously create an unstoppable angle
    -Discover how to use "power sentences" to break your opponent’s memory, train of thought, and change their emotion
    -Use a "Bluff" technique that cannot be broken by anyone
    -Kill them with kindness. Argue with them in a certain style that doesn’t even look like you were arguing at all
    -Become a BoardRoom ringleader: Gain incredible leverage immediately using strategic reactions
    -Build your overall reputation: Everyone you communicate with will gain a strong understanding and respect for you
    -Verbally and psycologically manipulate your opponent into submission
    -What about that argument "cheater" that yells over you the entire time. You can either have them start studdering or shut up immediately and listen to your point for once, the choice is up to you.
  • Price: $19.95 - Get Ebook Now
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