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Home >> Sports & Recreation >> Extreme >> Diy Surf Gear: Make Your Own Stand Up Surf Paddle
Diy Surf Gear: Make Your Own Stand Up Surf Paddle
 Name of book:Diy Surf Gear: Make Your Own Stand Up Surf Paddle
 Author:Not Available
 Blurb:Stand up paddle surfing in the fastest growing water sport in the world. Dont spend $350 on a new paddle, make your own at home. Includes 3 plans to build a stand up paddle, blade templates, Reinforcement Guide, and the Complete Guide to Wood Finishing!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "Diy Surf Gear: Make Your Own Stand Up Surf Paddle" gives you all the instructions you need to quickly and easily build your own wood stand up surf paddles. Clear and concise plans that work. These amazing plans will show you how easy it is to build outstanding stand up paddles without a workshop, without any prior experience, and without any technical know-how. Paddle building made easy.
  • Here's what you'll get:
    -Three different sets of Paddle Making Plans:
    -The Pole-Plank Method: This is the simplest and fastest way to build a wooden stand up paddle, complete with an angled blade and custom handle. With this method, you will easily make a custompaddle in a lazy afternoon.10 Easy steps
    -The Stack-Laminate Method: This method is being used by several commercial paddle makers who have chosen this method as their preferred construcion. Just like the pole-plank method, you'll have your stack-laminate paddle complete in 10 easy steps without steam bending
    -The Traditional Paddle Making Method: Take your skills to the next level. These plans will teach you how to make paddles like a professional. We've simplified the traditional paddle making method into just 10 clear and concise steps that you can implement at home with common tools
    -10 Paddle Blade Templates
    -PaddleReinforcement Guide: This guide will outline proven methods that you can implement to make your paddle virtually indestructible to the elements
    -The Complete Guide to Wood Finishing: Over 140 pages of hardcore instruction on wood finishing and maintenance. You'll learn about preparation of new and old wood surfaces, traditional and water stains, brushing and procedure, preparing wood to take stain evenly, the mixing and use of woodfillers, varnish and shellac, rubbing and polishing, varnish defects and their causes, lacquers, was and oil-rubbed finishes, wood characteristics, brush graining, decorative finishes, repairing damaged finishes, and more.
  • These awesome paddle making plans allow you to:
    -You can finally design and create your own custom paddle
    -Shape a custom handle that fits your grip perfectly
    -You'll never miss out on a session with a spare paddle in the car
    -Trim and grind the blade to ideal specifications for your local water conditions
    -Create the precise amount of surface area you want out of your blade
    -Build extra paddles for friends and family members for mere pennies
    -Discover the soul of a solid wood paddle
    -Refine your skills and start your own paddle-making business.
  • Price: $49.97 - Get Ebook Now
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Diy Surf Gear: Make Your Own Stand Up Surf Paddle
Diy Surf Gear: Make Your Own Stand Up Surf Paddle
Price: $49.97