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Home >> Sports & Recreation >> Outdoor >> Cycle A Century Training Program
Cycle A Century Training Program
 Name of book:Century Training Program
 Author:James Wannop
 Blurb:Cycling 100 miles is not an easy task. This program is a complete training program designed to give you everything you need to successfully cycle a century!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "Century Training Program" is a complete reference manual for how to successfully train for and ride a century delivered to you instantly in pdf form. This extensive guide starts by helping you choose the right century bike and gives you all the advice you need to finish you 100 mile cycle in the best possible time.
  • Here's just a sample of some of the great things you'll learn:
    -How to avoid the training mistake that 99% of amatuer riders make
    -Learn the secrets of the professionals that will allow you to "ride all day"
    -How to instantly save about 20% of the effort you put into your bicycle century training
    -How to learn exactly how much training you need to do
    -How to save a fortune on shop bought energy bars and drinks
    -How to optimise your century training schedule.
  • You'll receive over 50 pages of advice and information that will allow you to dramatically improve every aspect of you training. Here's what you'll learn about mental approach to riding a Century:
    -How to get the mental edge over your competitors
    -A simple technique to get you disciplined about your training. Once you are disciplined and training regularly you are half way there
    -A simple technique to trick your mind into thinking cycling a century is nothing to be worried about
    -Visualization techniques used by professional riders to help prepare you to acheive your goals
    -How to get motivated at times you feel like giving up
    -How to constantly get out of your comfort zone
    This part of the program will get your training started straight away and keep your training on track when the chips are down and you feel like quitting.
  • You'll learn Century training tips like:
    -How to use heart rate training to boost your fitness while training far less
    -How to use power training to lose weight
    -How to virtually eliminate training injuries
    -How to develop your climbing skills
    -Some simple exercises to improve your pedalling efficiency
    -How to get a head start on the cycling season during the winter months when other riders are in hibernations.
  • Learn about long distance Cycling Nutrition:
    -Why cycling is the best sport out there for helping weightloss
    -What century ride training food the pros eat
    -How to save a fortune on shop bought energy drinks and bars
    -What vegetarian cyclists need top pay attention to in order to maintain peak fitness
    -Some free recipes for food to keep you riding all day
    Also learn about Century Training Equipment:
    -How to choose and fit the best bike for century rides
    -Learn how a heart rate monitor can get you fitter with less effort
    -How to kiss goodbye to saddle sores
    -The list of century training equipment every century cyclist should never be without
    -Some great tips on how to look after your century bicycle.
  • Price: $19.98 - Get Ebook Now
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Cycle A Century Training Program
Cycle A Century Training Program
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