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Soccer Goal Scoring | Winning Soccer Games
 Name of book:Fast Break Soccer
 Author:Tom Sauder
 Blurb:The fast break soccer practice book contains 120 soccer drills and 20 complete soccer practice plans. Drills have coaching points and game applications. Designed to score more goals and win more games.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "Fast Break Soccer" guide will improve the performance of your players and your team to score more goals and win more games. This is an essential book to own and use for coaches at every level. This book will change the way your team plays the game. In this book will you learn how to coach these techniques and get your team into top transition speed. The faster your team transitions from defending to attacking, the more scoring chances it will generate, the more goals it will score and the more games it will win. The faster your team transitions from attacking to defending, the faster it will regain possession.
  • This is the formula to win:
    -15%-25% of all quality scoring chances result in goals
    -On average a team needs to generate 4-6 quality chances to score one goal
    -Scoring 2-3 goals per game wins games and championships
    -Therefore 8-18 quality scoring chances per game get you the goals you need to win.
  • "Fast Break Soccer" will help your team score more goals and win more games by:
    -Generating lots of high quality scoring chances
    -Showing players how to convert more chances and score more goals
    -Regaining possession quickly
    -Improving perception, anticipation, reaction and decision making
    -Improving speed with and without the ball
    -Delivering modern soccer coaching and practice techniques.
  • This groundbreaking soccer coaching book provides you with:
    -120 Soccer drills and 20 complete practice plans: You can mix and match the drills easily to develop 100's of customized practice plans based on your team's needs. Each drill comes with essential coaching points to make the drill work best and with an explanation of its game application
    -Practice Design: Our practices are designed to train all aspects today's high speed soccer. All practices also train the underlying fundamentals of soccer - physical fitness, mental fitness, technical skills and game tactics. Each practice follows the following sequence: Warm-Up, Transition Play, Soccer Speed, Goal Scoring and Game Tactics
    -Coaching Points & Game Application: Each of the 120 drills has a section with essential coaching points. These are incredibly valuable tips to:
    -provide you with the key skills players need to execute
    -help you spot problems with drill executions and give you advice on how to correct them
    -provide you with specific results required
    -give you suggestions on how to integrate the drill with your system of play
    -give you ideas on drill variation and progression.
  • Price: $29.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Soccer Goal Scoring | Winning Soccer Games
Soccer Goal Scoring | Winning Soccer Games
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