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HardStyle Golf Conditioning
 Name of book:HardStyle Golf Conditioning
 Author:Terrence Thomas
 Author bio:The author is a Golf Biomechamic Russian Kettlebell Instructor.
 Blurb:Improve power, strength, balance and flexibility with one kettlebell. HardStyle Golf is the first book that combines the 4 phases of golf conditioning with the power techniques of Russian Kettlebell Training.
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  • "HardStyle Golf Conditioning" is a high-performance golf fitness system that is stacked with techniques that will build your golf swing from the ground up using the powerful Russian Kettlebell. This 5-step program is on the cutting edge of golf performance enhancement. HardStyle Golf Conditioning has everything that you'll ever need to play the best golf of your life.
  • Hereís what youíll learn with this manual:
    -Discover how this golf swing speed drill will teach you the valuable skill of relaxed tension pg. 83
    -Learn that if your kettlebell is in this position, it is a dead give away that you are not using our hip power pg. 57
    -You never want the levator scapulae muscle to be tight because it connects to your neck and shoulder. That will put a double hurt on your golf swing pg. 9
    -Turn any stretch into a body transforming experience pg. 3
    -If your shoulder canít do this, your backswing is gonna stink. Get your arms into perfect position with this exercise pg. 114
    -Protect your wrist and elbow from overuse injury with this drill pg. 100
    -Do more of these drills as you get older and it will keep the rust off of your joints pg. 36
    -Increase your rotation in less than 2 minutes with this warm up sequence pg. 47
    -Bulletproof your lower back if you do this exercise pg. 107
    -If you use this strategy along with Greasing the Groove, youíll get stronger even faster pg. 138
    -This exercise is the gateway drill for all other upper body drills pg. 127
    -Russian style training logs are located right here pg. 164
    -Get a first hand lesson in total body awareness and body tension pg. 67
    -Let this muscle get tight and youíll go through fire and brimstone to fix it. This stretch will save you tons of misery both on and off the golf course pg. 11
    -Open up your spine and ribcage with this simple and relaxing stretch pg. 15
    -When you have difficulty pivoting your hips, make sure you do this before you tee off pg. 25
    -Master this exercise and add 70 yards to your drive without blinking an eye pg. 54
    -Learn Big Bang kettlebell exercise and develop rotation strength like nothing else pg. 123
    -5 Nutrition tips for better golf performance pg. 161
    -Cut your exercise time in half with By Proxy core conditioning pg. 96
    And much more.
  • Price: $97.00 - Get Ebook Now
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HardStyle Golf Conditioning
HardStyle Golf Conditioning
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