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Home >> Home & Family >> Family Tree >> The Funeral Planning Checklist
The Funeral Planning Checklist
 Name of book:The Funeral Planning Checklist
 Author:Jesus Ramirez
 Blurb:A detailed guide to finding, locating, organizing and completing your estate planning and funeral planning documents. Your complete guide to being prepared. Your complete guide to peace of mind.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "The Funeral Planning Checklist" is a complete pre-planning guide containing information that will be required for your family to be able to settle your estate. There are more than 80 tasks to be done when a loved one passes away. By completing your Funeral Planning Checklist, you will have relieved and minimized the burdens left to your loved ones. When faced with multiple emotional and financial decisions, which must be made quickly and during a time of intense grief and stress, your Funeral Planning Checklist will assist your loved ones in being well prepared and well informed.
  • You will also accomplish the following:
    -Decisions will be made during a time of peace making it easier to discuss your wishes with your family and friends, avoiding unnecessary conflicts among family and friends later on
    -You can be sure that your personal wishes and plans will be followed
    -You will be able to organize personal records in a way that is easy for your survivors to locate
    -You will be able to give your family a guideline and a budget to follow to help control the cost of your funeral.
  • Here's what you will learn from this valuable Funeral Planning Checklist:
    -How to save hundreds, maybe thousands by planning correctly
    -How to plan so that your loved ones are left with no large financial or emotional decisions to make on your behalf
    -Which estate planning documents are neccessary and what purpose they serve
    -How to enlist the benefits of a person who has served in the military
    -The list of documents needed to make any funeral arrangements run smoother
    -You will learn about the business of Funeral Homes so that you can distinguish between something that is really valuable and something that is just a sales pitch
    -A guide for loved ones that will make the estate planning settlement process more organized and positive
    -How or why not to consider a Pre-Paid Funeral plan
    And much more.
  • Price: $29.99 - Get Ebook Now
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The Funeral Planning Checklist
The Funeral Planning Checklist
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