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Hypnotically Attract And Keep Any Man!
 Name of book:Rousing The Lion: How to Attract, Connect with and Inspire the Man in your Life
 Author:Not Available
 Blurb:Secret Hypnotic (and unique!) techniques for giving women a massive advantage in love, dating, romance, sex and marriage. turn men into passionate servants and motivated warriors!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "Rousing The Lion: How to Attract, Connect with and Inspire the Man in your Life" teaches you how to understand and influence men with ease, while also showing you how to ground yourself and maintain your emotional boundaries. You can open the steel vault of his heart and connect with the emotional gold within him. You can reach the places inside him that no other woman has ever touched.
  • You'll learn to:
    -Understand men even more deeply than ever before
    -Connect with their emotions
    -Guide their actions
    -Hook into their needs
    While also learning to:
    -Protect yourself from getting hurt, while having more adventure than ever before
    -Free yourself from thoughts and emotions that don't serve you
    -Communicate with your internal emotional process, so that your feelings align with your desires
    Learn exactly how to wield enormous power over men.
  • Here's what you'll discover from Rousing the Lion:
    -Why he seems to be less emotionally expressive than you (See page 5)
    -The need underlying his actions (See page 6)
    -What his feelings mean to him (See page 7)
    -What he really focuses on (See page 7)
    -What you should ask him to get him to open, instead of asking what he's feeling (See page 8)
    -How he makes sense of his experiences (See page 8)
    -What makes experiences meaningful for him (See page 8)
    -How he processes experiences (See page 9)
    -How to make yourself part of his long-term vision (See page 24)
    -The hidden truth about femininity and its effect on men (See page 24)
    -How to send words deeply and immediately into his heart (See page 31)
    -How to immediately enter into the deepest places in his emotional life (See page 49)
    -Learn the exact beliefs that shape his emotional world (See page 50)
    -Learn exactly how he comes to decisions and takes action, and how to help him through his process, in a way he'll love (See page 56)
    -How to easily demonstrate to him that your long-term interests are aligned (See page 62)
    -How to subtly yet powerfully move him away from bad choices and toward good ones (See page 68)
    -How to immediately seize his attention and amp up his desire with subtle movements (See page 69)
    -How to immediately and silently create comfort and connection, without saying a word or drawing attention to
    yourself. (See page 73)
  • You'll learn:
    -How to communicate with him through his individual “secret code” (See page 73)
    -How to use the secret language of subtle movement to heighten his feelings (See page 74)
    -How to speak powerfully to his instincts using “symbols” (See page 75)
    -How to use certain secret “animal” movements to subtly drive him into action (See page 79)
    -How to use the “hidden truth” of events to build deep connection and communication with him (See page 81)
    -How to fascinate and arouse him in moments, while earning his awe and respect (See page 92)
    -How to praise him in a way that won't lead him to secretly withdraw from you (See page 93)
    -How to make what you are saying feel deeply important, credible, and moving (See page 94)
    -Why eye contact can actually scare a man off, and how to make eye contact in a way that entices him (See page 94)
    -How to make your touches dramatically more exciting and addictive (See page 94)
    -How to go deeply, deeply down into his hidden world... in a way that hooks him (See page 98)
    -How to set his ambition on fire (See page 98)
    -How to turn him into a helpless “love slave,” with just a few words... (See page 99)
    -How to use words to send massive sexual energy coursing through him (See page 104)
    -How to make what you say magnetic and fascinating (See page 105)
    -How to put the ideas you want into his mind, without getting blamed (See page 106)
    -Why he might feel your praise is empty-- and how to compliment him the right way (See page 112)
    -why he's not as emotionally giving as he could be... and how you can change this (See page 112)
    -A psychological “love spell” that will make him both more successful at the office and more deeply connected to you (See page 113)
    -A deep, potent, thrilling process that will immediately supercharge your sex-life and your shared feelings of pleasure, desire, and connection... an experience so powerful that it can completely transform your life together, in a lasting way (See page 120)
    -How to uncover your own hidden emotional buttons (See page 130)
    -How to free yourself from old feelings that no longer serve you... in moments (See page 134)
    -A simple, specific process for reconnecting with your confidence... and discovering more about what you truly want. (See page 135)
  • Price: $29.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Hypnotically Attract And Keep Any Man!
Hypnotically Attract And Keep Any Man!
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