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Teach The Bible To Change Lives
 Name of book:Teach the Bible To Change Lives
 Author:Glenn Brooke
 Author bio:He has been teaching the Bible for more than twenty years.
 Blurb:The Premier Guide to Bible Teaching.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Bible Lessons, Bible Teaching
  • "Teach the Bible To Change Lives" will help you become a great Bible teacher. You'll get practical instruction on the four key elements for Bible teaching that changes lives: excellent lesson content, a prepared teacher, receptive students, and strong teaching presentation. It will show you exactly how to use these elements together. This book is your essential guide, full of practical advice from over 20 years of teaching experience.
  • Here's just some of what you'll learn:
    -The one essential tool you need for preparing lessons
    -How to prepare a lesson so that people are hungry to learn more from the Bible itself
    -The breakthrough methods for teachers to study the whole Bible and shorter passages to mine the breadth and depth of God's truth
    -Why those canned Bible studies may not be effective for your class, and how to adapt studies for your group to they get precisely what they need
    -What you should do the five days before you teach
    -Four easy ways to get your class involved in discussion
    -Three proven ways to excite your students about your next class
    -Three things you should do to start class smoothly
    -The two essential things you must know before you use study Bibles and computer Bible software
    -How to have a handful of lessons always ready
    -How to take notes in your Bible
    -The three critical questions every teacher must answer
    -Guidelines for praying for your students
    -Why the best way to present topical studies is the exact opposite of what most teachers do
    -The three simple strategies to "laser in" on what God wants you to teach this class at this time
    -Two easy ways to motivate your more experienced or knowledgeable students to get excited about studying the basics with others
    -How to recruit help you need from others so you can be a great Bible teacher
    -The two things you need to understand that will end your fear of teaching
    -The simple, repeatable methods for organizing your lesson materials
    -The amazing things you can do between lessons that will supercharge the impact of your teaching
    -A specific 20-day plan to prepare to teach Ephesians
    -Specific day-by-day plans you can follow to be prepared to teach from any topic study, video package study, or Christian book.
  • "Teach the Bible to Change Lives" will give you a systematic approach to teaching. The teaching strategies outlined will be effective for any Bible study in any setting. You'll get time-tested principles that you can apply for the rest of your teaching ministry. Here's why you need this book:
    -The focus is on changing lives, and teaching as a ministry
    -It is comprehensive, explaining all elements of great Bible teaching
    -It will show you exactly how to put all the elements together.
  • Price: $29.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Teach The Bible To Change Lives
Teach The Bible To Change Lives
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