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One Stop Macrame Shop
 Name of book:One Stop Macrame Shop
 Author:Carolyne McCourtie
 Blurb:Macrame eBook that Offers Easy To Follow Instructions, Knot Examples, Patterns, Materials Needed, Suppliers - All In One Book.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Macrame, Knot Tutoring
  • "One Stop Macrame Shop" Book is a 130 pages guide with complete and easy to follow instructions, step-by-step Knot tutoring, beautiful patterns, supplier information about Macrame. A book that offers you, at your fingertips, exciting and easy to follow Macrame patterns. The aim of this book is to give you something that is abundantly useful and answeres many questions relating to Macrame that you might have. From how to get started right through to how to market the things that you make.
  • Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover in the "One Stop Macrame Shop" ebook:
    -How surprisingly easy it is for the absolute beginner to create works of art, with patterns for you to get you started
    -Discover what the best kind of rope to use is, depending on the design
    -The techniques that make your work all the same size and line up
    -Find out about which knots to use and when
    -Where to find the best suppliers of Macrame materials
    -Clear and accurate instructions on how to begin
    -Pictures along with the instructions - visually see how to do the knot
    -Cool projects that appeal to every age
    -Learn how to market your Macrame, how to display and sell the things you make
    -Find out more about Cavandoli Macrame and learn how to do free form
    -Know once and for all how long to cut your cords
    -How to make Macrame look more contemporary
    -Learn what is the best way to blend colors when using cord and beads
    -Finally, clear instructions on how to create wonderful plant hangers for yourself or for others.
    -Get knotted, again and again, with lots of knot types for you to practice and play with.
  • You will also discover:
    -Patterns galore. Discover new, exciting, contemporary and classic patterns shown to you in photo form with easy to follow instructions
    -Learn how to make a beaded Macrame Dog collar
    -Illustrated basic instructions so you can get started using the basic knotting techniques
    -Find out what kind of hemp to buy for your Macrame project
    -Craft Store listings are yours for the viewing
    -Learn what size of material you should use so as to enclose and support large hanging house plants that hang from the ceiling
    -Find out how to know how much cord you will need for a project and how to choose the right cord
    -Make them a hemp bracelet from one of our contemporary patterns catering to the teen market
    -Sources offered for where you can order your yarn, rings, beads and all other Macrame related products
    -Learn the best way to add on cords
    -More ideas, more patterns, more instructions, for interesting things for you to make with Macrame
    And that's just a glimpse of the goodies that this brand new, ground breaking ebook offers you.
  • Price: $37.77 - Get Ebook Now
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One Stop Macrame Shop
One Stop Macrame Shop
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