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101 Secrets Of A Microsoft Excel Addict
 Name of book:101 Secrets of a Microsoft Excel Addict
 Author:Francis J Hayes
 Blurb:You Are About To Discover 101 Of Excels Little-known Secrets That Have Been Hiding Right Under Your Nose. These Secrets Are Guaranteed To Boost Your Excel Skills And Productivity Far Ahead Of Everyone Around You. Imagine! You The Excel Expert!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "101 Secrets of a Microsoft Excel Addict" has a seemingly unlimited supply of amazing, almost-magical Excel secrets, you will understand why so many people become 'addicted' to Excel. It contains 101 'secrets' all compiled in one convenient resource. The eBook will save time and double, triple or even quadruple your productivity for things you use Microsoft Excel every day.
  • You'll learn Microsoft Excel's best secrets like:
    -How to create a custom filtering toolbar to make working with your lists a breeze.
    -How to delete all blank rows in you list?
    -How to create a table of contents using hyperlinks to make moving around large complex workbooks as easy as surfing the Internet.
    -Create Text Boxes that are linked to data in a cell.
    -How you can use different formatting on text in the same cell
    -How to import or copy data from the web without having blank spaces
    -How to make your data really stand out using 'linked AutoShapes'
    -Have an unlimited choice of colors for your fonts and backgrounds.
  • Here are the 101 secrets:
    1. Let excel read to you
    2. The quick and easy way to move rows and columns
    3. Put pop-up pictures in your cells
    4. Put checkmarks in your cells
    5. Create cool 3d effects in your cells
    6. Fonts in any size you want
    7. Quickly enter duplicate formulas
    8. Combine text and numbers from different cells
    9. Instantly move to the end of a long column
    10. Make your spreadsheet fit your screen
    11. Hide duplicate values in a list
    12. Quickly select all blank cells in a range
    13. Turning the tables
    14. Recover a deleted sheet
    15. Print your spreadsheet on a specific number of pages
    16. Dialog box tip
    17. Quicker data input using 'pick from list'
    18. Entering data into cells in a specific order
    19. A double-click fill handle trick
    20. Move a little closer
    21. Create a table of contents for your workbook
    22. Fill handle secret revealed
    23. Easily move sheets between workbooks
    24. Turn off that annoying paste options button (xl2003)
    25. Prevent automatic creation of hyperlinks
    26. Autofill your own custom lists - cool!
    27. Make your worksheet look less like a worksheet
    28. View two parts of your worksheet simultaneously
    29. Give me the full menu!
    30. Create dynamic row numbering
    31. Sum only data that meets a condition you specify
    32. Cycle font color tool trick
    33. Floating colors
    34. A solution to the 'last used cell' mystery
    35. A neat trick to copy formulas and maintain their original cell references
    36. Cutting corners on your text boxes
    37. Filter your list with one click
    38. Delete those pesky html objects from pasted web data
    39. Zoom out for a bird's-eye view
    40. Supress #div/0! errors
    41. Quickly increase your value
    42. Force your worksheet to print only one page wide
    43. A simple trick to replace a formula with its value
    44. Link a text box to data in a cell
    45. Quickly sum non-contiguous cells
    46. Display a user input message in a cell
    47. The extend selection mystery
    48. Formulas to show the path, filename and sheet name
    49. Extract unique items from a list
    50. Align objects with cell borders
    51. Quickly enter the months of the year
    52. F4, one of excel's best kept secrets
    53. Format only part of the text within a cell
    54. A quicker way to move or copy cells
    55. Hide a sheet tab
    56. Getting rid of those #$@& spaces in imported data
    57. Print just a small section of your worksheet
    58. Quickly convert positive values to negative
    59. Fonts and cell backgrounds in every color of the rainbow
    60. Print your company logo at the top of each sheet
    61. Autoshape perfection
    62. No more counting characters
    63. Quickly access a calculator from excel
    64. Create a keyboard shortcut for windows calculator
    65. Advanced windows calculator
    66. Use your keypad to operate windows calculator
    67. Have multiple print areas on the same worksheet
    68. Custom sort your data
    69. How to subtotal your list
    70. Make your subtotals really stand out
    71. Sort your data sideways
    72. Move the active cell within a selection
    73. Return the day of the week from a date
    74. Change the font in your footer or header
    75. Easily convert formula results to fixed values
    76. This tip is wheel cool!
    77. Make your data really stand out with linked autoshapes
    78. Paste everything except borders
    79. Quick solutions with goal seek
    80. Create a linked picture of a cell range
    81. What column number is it?
    82. Prevent unwanted autofilling
    83. Convert numbers with minus sign on right-hand side
    84. Change excel's default open/save to location
    85. Create bullet lists in excel? yes, you can!
    86. Avoid vertical alignment problems with wrapped text
    87. Can't find that recently used file?
    88. change excel's default font
    89. Create cell comments of various shapes
    90. Formula to calculate last day of the month
    91. Easily clear just your input cells
    92. The fastest way to select a block of cells
    93. Create your own custom autofilter toolbar
    94. Copy just the subtotal rows
    95. Display your numbers as thousands
    96. Create a running total' formula
    97. Create a custom menu for frequently used workbooks
    98. Use wildcards to speed up your auto filtering
    99. Avoid excel's out-of-control scrolling
    100. Calculate the number of days, months or years between two dates
    101. Create a personalized default workbook.
  • Price: $14.97 - Get Ebook Now
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101 Secrets Of A Microsoft Excel Addict
101 Secrets Of A Microsoft Excel Addict
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