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Montessori Parents Guide
 Name of book:The Montessori Parents Guide
 Author:Julie M. Peters
 Author bio:She is a Active Montessori Parent and Volunteer Educator.
 Blurb:Learn How You Can Get Your Child a Great Montessori Education. Strong Conversion Rate!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Baby Care, Parenting
  • "The Montessori Parents Guide" is a way to help parents realize and understand the best method for promoting high academic achievement and instilling a lifelong desire to learn in their children. Here's just a small sample of what you'll learn:
    -Discover what a Montessori education is
    -Learn how Montessori methods differ from traditional classroom environments… and the 13 core reasons why Montessori education is better than a traditional education
    -Uncover the secrets to lifelong learning
    -Find out why classroom size matters and how Montessori classrooms are structured to facilitate group interaction and cognitive development
    -Learn how to track the progress of your children through the system
    -Discover how you know if your child's Montessori education is effective… and how exactly its principles are measured
    -Accurately predict whether your child learns individually
    -Discover proven methods for determining what education is best for your child
    -Find out about the difference Montessori makes in the lives of children vs. a traditional classroom environment.
  • In the "Montessori Parents Guide", you'll
    -Discover what possibilities for interaction are between students in a Montessori environment
    -Find out why grouping children that are different ages is better for your child
    -Uncover what exactly the Montessori philosophy entails
    -Learn how you can become involved in your child's education and build a relationship with their teacher
    -Get facts on whether a Montessori program can accommodate your child
    -Why the Montessori schools claim to have a teaching style that is superior to all others… and the data to back up Montessori schools' claims
    -Find out if there is enough development and stimulation of children's imaginations in a Montessori environment.
  • In the "Montessori Parents Guide", you'll get to:
    -Learn the facts about Montessori
    -Find out how Montessori caters to young children, and promotes even infant development and learning
    -Assess whether or not it's too late to start a child on a Montessori education
    -Learn what the main focus of Montessori is and why so many parents prefer Montessori over traditional classroom settings
    -How Montessori can instill in children a craving for lifelong learning
    -How you can work with teachers effectively on individual hopes and concerns for your children
    -Discover what you can do, if you would like your child to be intellectual, gentle and well balanced.
  • Price: $49.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Montessori Parents Guide
Montessori Parents Guide
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