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 Name of book:Secrets of a 740hp Winston Cup engine
 Author:Don Terrill
 Blurb:Auto Racing How-To Info Products.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "Secrets of a 740hp Winston Cup engine" contains information on building competitive racing engines. If you want to start building racing engines this book will help you. It also includes info on how-to tune at the track. It also includes the Weather Dyno software to help you.
  • With this book you'll learn about:
    -Cylinder Heads
    -Intake Manifold
    -Crank and Rods
    -Oiling System
    -Ignition System
    -Exhaust System
    -Engine Assembly
    -Dyno Tuning
    -Track Tuning
    -Weather Dyno software
    -Piston Motion spreadsheet software
    -33 Steps to better engine building.
  • Here's what is included in this e-book package:
    -Book "Secrets of a 740hp Winston Cup engine"
    -"Weather Dyno" software
    -"Piston Motion" spreadsheet software
    -Update #1
    -Update #2
    -Update #3
    -Update #4
    -Update #5.
  • Price: $99.00 - Get Ebook Now
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