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Home >> Sports & Recreation >> Extreme >> A Shortcut To Longboarding By Lee Ryan
A Shortcut To Longboarding By Lee Ryan
 Name of book:A Shortcut To Longboarding
 Author:Lee Ryan
 Author bio:Lee Ryan is a professional surfer and surf coach, with 9 British longboard championship titles to his name.
 Blurb:9 Times British Champion Pro Longboarder Lee Ryan, Gives Longboarding Surf Coaching In His New Ebook 'a Shortcut To Longboarding'.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "A Shortcut To Longboarding" is an instructional book full of handy tips will help you make the most of your next surf session. This book will improve your surfing. It contains autbor's knowledge and longboarding coaching experience for you. You'll find high quality illustrations and examples, a number of slide show presentations, and other interactive content in this book.
  • With this book, you'll:
    -Learn how to improve your jump up, stance and style, walk the board, hang five, hang ten, perform drop knee cutbacks, paddle out in big surf and many more
    -Top tips from the worlds best professional longboarders including Taylor Jensen (USA), Jye Byrnes (AUS) Chelsea Williams, Belen Kimble and 2006 World Champion Josh Constable (AUS).
    -Information on board design, fin design, fin placement, choosing a new longboard
    -Learn Surfing Etiquette
    -Surf Fitness - How to train to be a better surfer
    -Colourful photo’s explaining each manoeuvre in detail
    -Interactive PowerPoint displays breaking down the manoeuvres and making them easier to understand
    -Instant access to the information you need – when you want it 24hrs a day
    -Yours to keep for ever.
  • Price: $37.00 - Get Ebook Now
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A Shortcut To Longboarding By Lee Ryan
A Shortcut To Longboarding By Lee Ryan
Price: $37.00