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 Name of book:8-Ball Secrets
 Author:Ben Kowalski
 Author bio:The author is an avid pool player.
 Blurb:Learn 8ball Pool/billiards Secrets EBook.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • The "8-Ball Secrets" is a comprehensive guide to 8-ball that’s completely overflowing with all the best tips, tricks, tools, and secrets you could ever get in a single place on the sport of pool. It’s nearly 100 pages of completely practical and usable information. And everything is covered - the basics, shots, position, strategy, banks, cue ball control, practice drills, and mental aspects along with countless tips, tricks, techniques, and secrets known only to professional pool players.
  • Take a look at what you’ll find inside:
    -Discover the foundation you should have learned when you first started.
    -Learn how to tell what strategy your opponent is using against you.
    -Learn how to make those “tough” shots you used to never even consider.
    -Discover simple things you can do that encourage even forces your opponent to make big mistakes.
    -See everything in full color illustration — easy to grasp shots and concepts
    -Learn the closely guarded secrets of positional play.
    -Master your shots — we’re all physically equipped to make any shot we see.
    -Discover the deeper secrets of 8-ball and how to control your opponent.
    -Learn what’s holding you back. You’ll learn exactly what’s keeping you from rising above your current level.
    -Practice drills — you’ll get an array of practice shots to work on.
    -Learn the secrets of the cue tip and chalk.
    -Find out how different table surfaces (cloth and nap) affect every shot you make.
    -Get some great tips on how to gauge surface to determine what you’re dealing with.
    -Discover the secrets of table speed.
    -Learn how to determine what type of player you’re up against and how to use their weaknesses against them.
    -Become an expert on body language.
    -Learn all there is to know about the break—you’ll instantly see a 100% improvement on your break once you finish this comprehensive chapter.
    -Using logic, concentration, discipline, and mind-control to leave you opponents in the dust.
    -Learn how to maximize your positional skills and master your art!
    -Discover closely guarded secret of “memory position method.”
    -Get tons of “insider” tips, tricks, secrets and strategies that virtually guarantee a winning game.
    -Included is a complete glossary of pool related terms and definitions.
    -Learn how to use this guide for maximum effectiveness.
  • 8-Ball Secrets also answer the top ten questions posed by readers, with great detail so you’re guaranteed to skyrocket your skills:
    -How to play better long shots
    -How to straighten cue stroke
    -How to aim better
    -How to control cue ball speed
    -How to become more accurate when playing bank shots
    -How to better understand the use of English
    -How to stop from moving when you’re down on your shot
    -How to play better during tournaments
    -How to develop a more fluid stroke
    -How to increase the effect of a draw.
  • Plus, you’ll get detailed information and proper use (including full color diagrams) on:
    -Combination shots
    -Cannon shots
    -Bank shots
    -Box shots
    -Playing the break
    And, you’ll get great game-winning strategies for each.
  • Price: $19.97 - Get Ebook Now
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