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Real Estate Books For Buyers And Realtors
 Name of book:The Land Buyer's Guidebook: What you MUST know before you close
 Author:Marte Cliff
 Author bio:The author is a former Real Estate Broker.
 Blurb:The Land Buyers Guidebook Will Save Buyers Headaches, Heartaches, And Dollars. Getting Clients Will Supercharge A Real Estate Career By Teaching Niche Creation And Smart Marketing.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "The Land Buyer's Guidebook - what you MUST know before you close" reveals the secrets every land buyer must know before closing. It reveals the most important thing you need to know when buying land to build a home. It will give you all the right questions to ask and a handy check-list to take along when you visit your realtor. It will help you in negotiating a real estate purchase and will save money, stay out of court and avoid disaster.
  • The Land Buyer's Guidebook will help you to take an informed decision. When you absorb the information in this book you'll uncover information that the sellers, and the seller's agent, might not want you to know:
    -You'll discover how past use can affect future use, and when to insist that your Realtor brings you concrete information in place of assumptions.
    -You'll learn the questions that your Realtor can't legally answer and how to get the answers for yourself.
    -You'll learn to recognize the "red flags" that signal a serious problem.
    -You'll discover the benefits and pitfalls of a land contract, so that if you choose to do it, your own interests will be protected.
    -You'll learn what to look for on a Title Report - things that your Realtor may believe to be "No big deal" could turn out to be a very big deal.
  • Price: $14.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Real Estate Books For Buyers And Realtors
Real Estate Books For Buyers And Realtors
Price: $14.00