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Flower Arrangements Made Simple
 Name of book:Flower Arrangements Made Simple
 Author:Judith A. Babb
 Blurb:Downloadable E-book Offers Step-by-step Photo Instruction On Flower Arrangements Plus Bonuses On Making Potpourri And The Meanings Of Flowers.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • Step-by-step e-book, "Flower Arrangements Made Simple" will enable readers to become accomplished unique floral arrangement specialists in their own rights. Learn the basic floral patterns and how to develop and create your own designs. Using this book, you can unleash your imagination and artistic style. Become an expert in less than 14 days by practicing easy to apply, easy to understand flower arranging crash course.
  • Here's the Table of Contents:
    Chapter 1: Introduction to Flower Arrangements Made Simple
    Chapter 2: Flower Arranging Must Haves (from Floral Foam to Vases, everything you will need to get started)
    Chapter 3: What Makes a Beautiful Arrangement (the meaning of line, form and color in a floral arrangement)
    Chapter 4: Types of Flower Arrangements - Learn the three basic floral designs needed to create any flower arrangement - Line, Mass, Swags
    Chapter 5: Vases Are Everywhere - Learn how to use containers already found in your own home - Baskets, Bowls, Glass and Ceramic Vases, Floral Foam Forms, Metal Containers, Terra Cotta Pots and Fruits and Vegetables
    Chapter 6: Using Size and Texture in Your Flower Arrangement
    Chapter 7: Letting Color Create the Mood
    Chapter 8: Making Flower Arrangements - Materials Needed, Flower Arrangement Directions, Standard Flower Arrangement,
    Centerpiece, Bountiful Bouquet, Corsage
    Chapter 9: Wedding Bouquets. Step-by-step instruction for making the following type of bouquets: Flower Girl Bouquet, Simple Round Bridal Bouquet, Cascade Wedding Bouquet
    Chapter 10: Buying and Caring for Your Flowers.
  • This flower arranging guide includes chapters of floral arranging information, including articles on various types of arrangements, using texture, color and many other easy to learn arranging skills. With this guide you'll:
    -Have the skills to make your creative juices bloom.
    -Have that feeling of self pride for a job well-done!
    -Create your own beautiful, unique fresh floral arrangements.
    -Be able to turn your newly acquired floral arranging skills into a stream of income, so you could do this for a living.
  • Price: $19.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Flower Arrangements Made Simple
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