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How To Be Funny!
 Name of book:How To Be Funny
 Author:Stanley Lyndon
 Author bio:Stanley Lyndon is a famous Comedian.
 Blurb:One Of A Kind Niche E-book Teaching People How To Be Funny In Just 7 Days Flat!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • “How To Be Funny” contains everything you need to fast-track yourself on the easy road to becoming hilariously funny. In just 7 days of reading this book you’ll be creating incredible jokes in everyday situations, naturally and subconsciously. This will enable you to become the popular, charming, witty and hilarious person that you’ve always dreamed of becoming.
  • Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll discover:
    -How to triple your humorous ability in one single evening
    -The simple scientific formula behind what actually makes a joke funny see. Pg. 32.
    -What to do to make anything at all funny instantly. Pg 31
    -Adding these extra few words to any joke will make it almost twice as funny. Pg 54
    -A 5 letter word “S____” that is even more important than the almighty punch line. Pg 15.
    -Something every world-class Comedian knows that enables him/her to come up with great jokes on the spot
    -The single biggest secret of creating Humor. Pg 29
    -The secret to making “High-Status” people laugh
    -Eliminate all “Awkward Silences” for good.
    -If your joke bombs… do this immediately. This little trick saves you from any embarrassment you could have gotten.
    -The simple “trick” that makes any insult you say -- ridiculously funny. Pg 51
    -The “Instant Joke Generator” technique that will make ‘on-the-spot’ unconscious improv jokes effortless almost instantly. Pg 32
    -The single most important thing you absolutely need to know if you’re thinking of becoming a comedian
    -When Dane Cook, Ricky Gervais, Chris Rock or Dave Chapelle are having trouble coming up with jokes… THIS IS WHAT THEY DO.
    -The amazing “Paris-New York” trick that makes anything you say… A WHOLE LOT FUNNIER instantly Pg 43.
    -And finally… the easiest way to come up with a joke. Pg 46
    -How to turn a joke that doesn’t work into a massive advantage.
  • You’ll:
    -Have more wit
    -Be hilarious
    -Gain huge confidence
    -Have the opposite sex fighting over you for your attention
    -Become a fully-fledged Conversational Master
    -Use your newfound charm and charisma to climb further up the career ladder
    -Experience instant and absolute confidence and no fear whatsoever when approaching the opposite sex
    -Become more intelligent and interesting, someone who people become obsessed and fascinated by, a people magnet to anyone you talk to.
  • Price: $49.95 - Get Ebook Now
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How To Be Funny!
How To Be Funny!
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