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 Name of book:The Power of Laughter
 Author:John Williams
 Author bio:John Williams is a professional magician with his own online magic shop.
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  • "The Power Of Laughter" brings you a long list of wonderfully laughable jokes. It explores the anatomy of a joke from introduction straight through to delivery. The author discusses the right and wrong way to tell a joke and teaches you how to determine the "appropriateness" and timing of your joke.
  • The book explores:
    -How to keep it simple
    -Laughing at your own joke
    -Risque jokes - yes or no
    -Insults and put-downs
    -Wrong joke or wrong audience
    -How to steal from the best
    -How to be a good audience
    -Your biggest asset.
  • Whether you are already a good storyteller or someone who would like to learn how to develop and deliver a repertoire, there is something for everyone in "The Power Of Laughter."
  • Price: $17.00 - Get Ebook Now
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