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Home >> Entertainment >> Novels-eBooks >> Brand New Step-by-Step Guide To Become A Nightclub & Party Promoter
Brand New Step-by-Step Guide To Become A Nightclub & Party Promoter
 Name of book:The Party Promoter Guide: Never Before Told Insider Secrets on How to Get Paid to Party
 Author:David Gold
 Blurb:Learn the Secrets That Nightclub and Party Promoters Never Wanted You To Find Out
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "The Party Promoter Guide" is an easy to read, easy to follow, ebook of over 130 pages packed with insider tips, tricks and secrets on how to get started making money as a party promoter. It will show you step-by-step how to throw successful, money making parties even if you have limited knowledge of the business and no experience at all and you can even do it part time. It's first ever step-by-step guide to making money in club and party promoting.
  • Here are some of the well kept secrets you'll uncover in "The Party Promoter Guide":
    -How to make well over $100,000 each year throwing the best parties at bars and clubs all over the world. (pg. 11)
    -The amazing job benefits of being a nightclub promoter (pg. 21)
    -Step-by-step tips to start your promoting career
    -How to get paid for every single person that comes to your party (pg. 41)
    -Details of how to start throwing parties in your part-time (pg. 20)
    -The "80/20" Rule of Promoting (pg. 31)
    -Characteristics of a promoter (pg. 19)
    -The “Promoter Myths” exposed (pg. 17)
    -Tips for getting the “early crowd” (pg. 87)
    -A breakdown of what deals to cut (pg. 38-49)
    -How to make one simple change to earn an additional $52,000 a year. Not just one year, but year in and year out!! (pg. 121)
    -Forming a partnership (pg. 76)
    -When to team up with other promoters to throw huge parties. (pg. 80)
    -How to use the VIP area to your benefit (pg. 105)
    -Careers promoting can lead to (pg. 117-119)
    -How to promote in High School (18 and over) (pg. 113-114)
    -Tips for hiring promoters to work for you! (pg. 81)
    -Top 3 party promotion ideas (pg. 92)
    -"Gold Tips" on making big money in nightclub promoting. (Various)
    -Tricks to build your client list (pg. 51)
    -It'll show you how "knowing your clientele" will make you a success in this business! (pg. 29)
    -Secrets for driving traffic to your web site (pg. 59)
    -How to use your web site to make you additional income (pg. 60)
    -Tools of the trade—things every promoter should have (pg. 56)
    -People you will want to hire—a list of people you need to have working for you, as you build your empire (pg. 106-110)
    -How to create customer loyalty (pg. 100)
    -How over-crowding can lose you money (pg. 131)
    -Tips to make sure your crowd keeps coming back (pg. 100-105)
    -Tips and tricks to make sure your party is packed and you cash-in (pg. 87-92)
    -Keys to picking a money making venue that’s right for your crowd (pg. 33)
    -Why you should avoid "Slutty" Promotions (pg. 130)
    -Insider tricks for promoting without spending a dime of your own money! (pg. 69-75)
    -Information on how to pick a D. J. (pg. 110)
    -Why throwing a Pre-Party is a great idea (pg. 90)
    -Ways to apply promoting to all aspects of your life to Cash In! (pg. 134-136)
    -Mistakes to avoid. (pg. 130-133)
    -How selling tickets will make you big money (pg. 48)
    -How to make a killing promoting spring break!! (pg. 136)
    -Secrets to get people to work for you without paying them. (pg. 84)
    -Tips for growing your business…(pg. 76-86)
    -How technology has made the job even easier! (pg. 55)
    -The 9 best Annual parties to be involved with (pg. 94-99)
    -Learn why 3 day weekends are a promoters best friend (pg. 99)
    And much, much, more.
  • Price: $24.97 - Get Ebook Now
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Brand New Step-by-Step Guide To Become A Nightclub & Party Promoter
Brand New Step-by-Step Guide To Become A Nightclub & Party Promoter
Price: $24.97