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Home Remedies For Better Health
 Name of book:HomeMade Medicine
 Author:Charles Silverman
 Author bio:He is a Naturalist and Herbalist Doctor. He has dedicated part of his life to the preparation of natural home remedies and natural products.
 Blurb:Offering the complete health guide to self healing, shows you how to treat any disease, with herbs, herbal.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Homemade Medicine, Home Remedies
  • "HomeMade Medicine" will help you learn how to start making your own remedies and skin care products with natural ingredients. REAL remedies known to us for thousands of years, with REAL results backed by clinical studies done in Europe. You're going to save time, money, and aggravation. You'll learn to avoid drugs that cause disastrous side effects that you've been vulnerable to. You will be able to treat any illness without side effects, using only natural herbs, vitamins and nutrients, that you can prepare at home following a few easy steps.
  • You will:
    -Learn how to save money by making your own natural mouthwash and be confident that your child will not be poisoned if he or she drinks it
    -Prepare your own herbal cough syrup, which does not contain alcohol, does not produces side effect
    -Learn how to boost your child's immune system so that he or she never brings a disease from school again, your child will never miss another school day
    -Prepare creams, tonics and cleansers for your skin. Choose from oily or dry skin. All of the creams, tonics and lotions are chemical free making you look healthy and young
    -Make your own herbal shampoo or cure dandruff, hair loss, oily hair, dry hair, make natural conditioners, rinses etc.
    -Treat impotence, infertility or low sex drive with our remedies or boost your sex life using our aphrodisiac preparation
    -Learn how to make your own tinctures, essential oil, salves, ointments, glycerites, compresses, ice packs, pills, capsules, decoctions, teas and much more
    -Learn about all the research and tests done in Germany, France, Italy and China
    -Get tons of TIPs
    And much more.
  • You will also learn how to make your very own remedies for all of these:
    -Common illnesses
    -Women's health
    -Children's Illnesses
    -Illnesses during pregnancy
    -Men's health
  • Price: $29.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Home Remedies For Better Health
Home Remedies For Better Health
Price: $29.95