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Healthy Tongue Secrets Revealed
 Name of book:Healthy Tongue Secrets
 Author:Tim McMahon
 Blurb:Help for Geographic Tongue, Thrush, and other Tongue Problems.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Tongue, Body Care
  • Healthy Tongue Secrets is a 129 page book which includes the secret for creating a healthy tongue. It covers many different tongue problems like "Geographic Tongue", "Thrush" and "Burning Tongue Syndrome". This interesting book presented a whole new way of looking at these problems.
  • Tongue problems can be very discouraging because of the way they come and go. Learn this book's healing secrets if you:
    -Hate the sight of your tongue
    -Are you afraid to lick your lips in public for fear of what others will think if they see your tongue?
    -Your tongue getting worse
    -Are you worried that Geographic Tongue is actually a symptom of something else?
    -Your Body trying to tell you something
    -Have a slight feeling of "unwellness" or do you have a feeling that something just isn't right?
    -Have all the energy you "should" have? (or once had?).
  • When you read the book you will see how the right combination of nutrients can protect your tongue and make it clear and healthy again, in a couple of short weeks. "Healthy Tongue Secrets" will give you exactly the right tools to determine what you need to do to restore the health of your tongue and your body. "Healthy Tongue Secrets" covers all of these topics and more, specifically for babies, toddlers (or pregnant or nursing women) so you would have to think about how your baby's problem would relate through her connection to you.
  • Price: $39.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Healthy Tongue Secrets Revealed
Healthy Tongue Secrets Revealed
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