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Beat Stress, Depression, Anxiety & Worry
 Name of book:Conquering Stress
 Author:Chris Green
 Blurb:Quickly, Naturally and Permanently.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Stress, Life Transformation
  • Conquering Stress will show you how to conquer stress, anxiety and depression, safely, naturally and permanently. It will reveal a tested, safe, natural, digital program that's helped thousands of people around the world to end the pain and find joy and happiness from life. All without taking powerful, expensive medicines.
  • In your copy of "Conquering Stress" you'll:-
    -Understand what, EXACTLY, is at the root cause of stress, anxiety, depression, panic, worry and nervousness
    -See why there are physical symptoms such as backache, headache and muscle pain
    -Discover how a 5 step process maintains psychological illnesses forming a never-ending loop
    -See how flawed and harmful modes of thinking fuel your nightmare. These modes of thinking are common to all sufferers
    -Recognize why exhaustion makes it very hard for you to do even the most simple tasks and one amazingly simple technique to beat it
    -Learn how to deal with uncertainty and change so you don't descend into an episode of anxiety, or stress, or depression
    -Discover why increasing happiness WILL NOT beat your illness
    -Understand how indecision and uncertainty contribute to your misery
    -Learn how to keep internal control. The more internal control you have, the better your mood
    -Uncover the two therapies you MUST avoid
    -Find one very simple technique to remove negative influences from your life and bring in more positive, mood-enhancing influences
    -Discover three essential methods to start and end the day which will elevate your mood!
    -Learn how to deal with the past so that it doesn't harm you anymore
    -Prevent guilty feelings from blighting your life.
  • You'll develop a deep understanding about how these illnesses affect you. And you'll also discover THIRTY-ONE highly-effective skills to enable you to find happiness again. These are the powerful skills that crush stress, anxiety and depression so you can get better QUICKLY. This unique program will reveal everything you need to know to help you get better - Permanently, naturally and safely.
  • Price: $29.97 - Get Ebook Now
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Beat Stress, Depression, Anxiety & Worry
Beat Stress, Depression, Anxiety & Worry
Price: $29.97