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Home >> Home & Family >> Family Tree >> How To Write Your Spiritual Ethical Will
How To Write Your Spiritual Ethical Will
 Name of book:Your Ethical Will: How To Write Your Legacy In Your Own Words
 Author:Madeline Binder
 Blurb:Spiritual Ethical Will EBook Offers Step-by-step Guidance To Writing Your Ethical Will So You Can Leave Your Heirs A Legacy That Is Equal To Or Greater Than Material Possessions!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • With this 83 page guide you will be able to leave a legacy that goes beyond material possessions. Using this step-by-step guide :
    -You will discover a proven system that shows you exactly what to include in your ethical will
    -Follow the tutorials and fill in your responses to the questions and you will have written your legacy by the time you complete the worksheets
    -Choose from 4 different approaches when writing the Wealth of Your Life.
  • "Your Ethical Will" will show you how to :
    -Get ready to write Your Ethical Will - a secret way to tap into your creativity.
    -Determine who your audience will be.
    -Decide which of 4 approaches you want to take to write your legacy:
    .Uncover your true values and beliefs - know exactly how they influenced your life.
    .Define the roles you have played with your family, friends, in your community and country.
    .Discover defining moments that have shaped who you are, how you live your life and lessoned learned.
    .Design and write a historical-relationship genealogy.
    -Put your spiritual document together. You will be given thorough guidance with the 5-easy steps:
    Step 1. How to make an outline from the information your gathered.
    Step 2: Determine what theme to use for Your Ethical Will.
    Step 3: How to create unique / special effects that you can add to your ethical will.
    Step 4: How to organize your document.
    Step 5: How to choose when it is a good time to present your testament.
  • Price: $29.00 - Get Ebook Now
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How To Write Your Spiritual Ethical Will
How To Write Your Spiritual Ethical Will
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