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Home >> Home & Family >> Family Tree >> Divorce Advice And Help For Women
Divorce Advice And Help For Women
 Name of book:Breakthrough Divorce And Child Custody Strategies For Women
 Author:Susan Rose
 Author bio:Susan Rose has worked in one of the largest law firms in the US.
 Blurb:Divorce Help For Women Often Revolves Around The Financial Aspects Of Divorce.This Site Is Dedicated To Helping Women Take Control Of Their Divorce.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • In "Breakthrough Divorce And Child Custody Strategies For Women" you'll discover some of the latest, most effective divorce, custody, and financial strategies. This guide contains a compelling summary of what women should be aware of when facing divorce.
  • Here's just some of what you'll learn inside this comprehensive guide for women:
    -The real reason why women get bad divorce agreements
    -The single most important "First Step" successful divorced women make when contacting a lawyer
    -Why you like 90% of all divorcing women have one emotional problem most lawyers will exploit and how you can easily defeat this tactic in minutes with this guides help
    -A sneaky but incredibly smart way to get more alimony
    -Discover an incredibly powerful tactic for getting your Ex to cooperate
    -The most common mistake women make when filing for divorce and how to avoid it so you never pay a penny more than you have to
    -Discover why most women completely misunderstand custody arrangements and you won't know why unless your lawyer reveals it to you
    -Learn how to be your own detective and force your ex to come clean on hidden joint assets. Discover it yourself.
    And so much more.
  • Price: $29.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Divorce Advice And Help For Women
Divorce Advice And Help For Women
Price: $29.00