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Home >> Health >> Diet >> Acid Alkaline Diet Simplified!
Acid Alkaline Diet Simplified!
 Name of book:Acid-Alkaline Diet Simplified! Home Study course
 Author:Michael Murray
 Blurb:Alkaline Ph Diet Home Study Course.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "Acid-Alkaline Diet Simplified! Home Study course" is a comprehensive 94-page manual lays out how to do to an alkaline diet the right way. And most important of all, you are given complete step-by-step details showing you precisely how to carry out each step.
  • The manual also includes:
    -An extensive food-chart so you can easily look up the acid/alkaline effect each food has on your body.
    -A list of foods that are usually contaminated with microbes and bacteria (better avoid these)
    -A guide for getting the right amounts of protein and from which alkaline foods
    -A guide for getting better quality calcium from alkaline foods than you'd ever get from milk
    -A guide for properly hydrating yourself, and knowing the correct water to drink.
  • Here's what's included in this comprehensive program:
    -How a simple step at the beginning can really kick-start the effects you will see within the first 3 days, even the first 24 hours
    -Discover symptoms that indicate you have too much acidic waste in the body and the correct steps to reverse them before they go too far
    -Find out ways to knock down excess weight and get your body back
    -How to start an alkaline diet without feeling like you are becoming a vegetarian
    -The secret to combining foods in the right order for maximum energy and results
    -How long before you start seeing results and what the fastest way is to become alkaline
    -How to eliminate impossible to fight cravings without any painstaking work
    -Which supplements to use to speed your journey to vibrant health?
    -Find out how to quickly determine whether a food will produce an alkaline or acidic pH effect on your body
    -How getting your body back in balance can prevent illness and even reverse disease and allergies
    -Know which foods really give the best results
    -How much water should you drink each day and how the right type of water can make a huge difference
    -3 rules to follow that make it simple to maintain the right acid-alkaline balance in your diet
    -How to prepare great alkalarian meals, snacks and desserts
    -Why our normal diets, even water make us sick, tired and overweight and how to reverse it now, naturally
    -Why other popular diets work short term and then long term make you fatter, sick and tired
    -The dangers of being too alkaline
    -Discover stages to transition to for easy alkalizing of your body
    -Why yeast and candida are epidemic and how to avoid feeding these conditions
    -How can some "acidic" foods actually be alkalizing?
    -How to detoxify the body by flushing out these acid poisons and setting you back on a course toward greater energy, clearer skin and shinier hair, and a slim, natural figure
    -How an acid-alkaline imbalance encourages the development of disease
    -How to live a 100% alkalarian lifestyle, or just to improve your energy and shape while still eating the foods you love, safely and easily
    -How to counter-effect the health problems plaguing you, problems which have more than likely been plaguing you for years
    -Why there is a confusion from discrepancies of different acid and alkaline food lists that often contradict each other
    -How to measure your own acid-alkaline balance to know if your body is in a favorable balance or in a state of acidosis.
    -How you can eat alkaline foods and still enjoy dinners out with friends and family
    -Discover improved health and slow the aging process so you can live a longer life and hopefully enjoy a few years after retirement.
  • Price: $27.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Acid Alkaline Diet Simplified!
Acid Alkaline Diet Simplified!
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