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Home >> Health >> Mental Health >> How To Overcome Shyness (For Men)
How To Overcome Shyness (For Men)
 Name of book:How To Overcome Shyness:Man's complete guide on overcoming shyness
 Author:Pete Grand
 Blurb:Specially designed for men who need to overcome their shyness, boost their self-confidence and develop interpersonal skills.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Shyness, Self Confidence
  • Overcoming shyness is necessary for those who wish to become extremely successful. "How To Overcome Shyness : Man's complete guide on overcoming shyness" is a simple yet effective, 73 page eBook that guarantees serious results. Discover how to overcome shyness, reduce social anxiety, build your self-esteem and achieve the greatness you deserve.
  • Inside you'll learn:
    -The secret formula to overcome shyness once and for all
    -20 astonishing secrets on how to use your body language to your advantage
    -How to read eye movements and know which of the three types of people you are dealing with
    -Amazing, easy to understand strategies to enhance your conversation skills
    -How to immediately distinguish which of the three styles of communication the people around you are using
    -5 essential rules to follow if you want to gain instant popularity
    -Seduction and attraction secrets that will completely change your success rate with women
    -How to become the man that ladies crave for
    -How to create “sexual tension” when interacting with women
    -Detailed and elaborate explanations on your 4 basic types of fears and how to overcome them
    -Step-by-Step detailed challenges to help you overcome shyness
    -3 effective, advanced challenges that are guaranteed to put you far ahead of others
    -How to set a psychological fuse that will put you in a desired emotional state and send an instant rush of positive energy
    -Tested and proven guidelines to create opportunities in every aspect of your life
    -5 advanced, powerful secrets on becoming an excellent, charismatic leader
    And much more.

  • Price: $29.95 - Get Ebook Now
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How To Overcome Shyness (For Men)
How To Overcome Shyness (For Men)
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