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How to Choose an eBook
If you are looking for unique how-to books from authors that share specialized firsthand knowledge typically not found in printed form, eBooks are an excellent way to expand your knowledge base. However, with an abundance of niche, specialized eBooks filled with valuable information, where do you first begin your search? 
When you are choosing an eBook, reputable online vendors will provide you with a variety of search tools and systems for support. When downloading your book, you can seek out specific elements to ensure that your payments and eBook product is both secure and of high quality.
Searching in an eBook Directory
The most convenient and comprehensive place to begin perusing for an eBook is through a directory, such as When perusing for an eBook, you can employ effective searching tools such as:
•           A search bar to find titles, authors, and subjects
•           Categories divided by interests / subjects
•           Top selling book titles
•           Newly released books and authors
•           Additional search features and recommendations
Once you’ve found an eBook of interest, you can commonly read portions of the book online prior to purchasing the text. With this feature, you can flip through portions of the book to more accurately decide if the book fits your needs and interest. When perusing categories, readers can explore eBook subject areas such as:
•           Health
•           Entertainment
•           Family
•           Money / finances
•           Employment / business
•           Society
•           Literature
•           Children’s books
•           History
•           Health and sex
Once a category is chosen, eBook vendors highlight specific texts within each category. These books are often referred to as “featured,” “recommended,” or “top-selling.” Once a reader finds a book of interest, he or she can click on the book title to find out more about the eBook’s description, focus points, overview, and even links to other similar books that may meet the reader’s preference.
What to Look For
When purchasing a book from an eBook vendor, you should look for specific resources to ensure the quality and security of your purchase. These features include elements such as:
•           A clear refund policy
•           A transaction security statement and processing through a secure third-party payment processing gateway, such as ClickBank, 2Checkout, or Click2Sell 
•           The guidelines for the terms of sale
When purchasing your eBook, secure payment processors allow you to make a purchase without jeopardizing your sensitive personal and financial details. For example, all of the books found on employ ClickBank, which allows buyers to purchase in confidence, as they are an online payment gateway for over 10,000 digital publishers and production affiliates. ClickBank processes transactions for thousands of websites, and the payment processor also provides consumers with refunds when necessary. 
When investigating the vendor’s terms of sale, be sure that you understand and agree to the regulations before making your purchase. For example, if you purchase your eBook using the Clickbank service, then your purchase will appear on your bank statement once the charges are processed. This should appear under the title / name “CLKBANK*COM” so you can clearly review your purchases and verify the accuracy of your order and the charges. 
Also, once your purchase is made, many vendors provide consumers with a valid refund policy. In the case of ClickBank, readers can return or replace any defective products within sixty days of the purchase. Refunds, if applicable, will be credited back to the card or account with which the purchase was made.
In addition, reputable vendors will provide consumers with terms of sale that highlight contact information for questions, concerns, and support. Specifically, many eBook vendors provide contact information for each eBook publisher, which is generally included in the informational email that corresponds to your eBook purchase. As each publisher is the expert for their own materials, consumers can generally contact the specific publisher of their eBook if they need technical support or general assistance. In addition to publisher contact information, vendors should also provide information regarding their customer support plan, such as phone numbers or email addresses for customer service. 
Are Payments Safe?
When choosing an eBook vendor, check for the validity and security of their purchase gateway. For example, all the books found through utilize ClickBank in order to safely and securely process purchasers’ transactions.  ClickBank accepts payments for digital products from a variety of credit sources, some of which include:
•           Visa
•           Mastercard
•           American Express
•           Euorocard
•           Paypal
Adding to this, when you make your purchase through a secure professional payment gateway, you are able to enter your credit card information using the online secure server, ensuring that personal credit information is confidential and protected. 
Bargain and Free eBooks
To find out more about eBooks and their many features, consumers can try out free and bargain-priced eBooks on various vendors’ websites. Visit eBookExplorer’s Bargain Bin and choose from hundreds of bargain-priced eBooks that cost less than $10. In fact, some of the eBooks are priced as low as $2.99 on the site, and consumers can peruse an array of subjects, categories, and special interests. Adding to this, many vendors may allow first-time buyers to take advantage of free eBook offers. Free eBook downloads allow consumers to take advantage of zero cost texts, allowing readers to explore the world of online reading before financially investing in any of the books. 


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