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Why Purchase an eBook?
Convenient, accessible, and affordable, eBooks are great sources of information and entertainment that are purchasable and readable online. As these books are not constrained to the traditional regulations, costs, and time constraints of paper-back publishing, eBooks provide readers with an extensive array of titles, subjects, and focus areas that are simply not available in most book stores or in printed forms. 
Many authors today prefer to publish their work in the eBook format since these texts can cater to a niche market of readers; for example, eBooks cover topics ranging from literature and historical fiction to eGaming and entrepreneurship. The opportunity for more unique reading is celebrated in these works, as eBooks provide readers with the access to a larger array of subject areas and special interests.
Why are eBooks More Affordable?
When you purchase a traditionally printed hardback or paperback text, you are paying for a plethora of costs that add up to an often hefty total book price. Specifically, you are paying for costs such as:
•           Publishing and printing costs
•           Cover art costs
•           Shipping and distribution to book stores / home
•           Overhead charge from the bookstore / vendor
eBooks, unlike traditional texts, have the freedom to delete all of these aforementioned costs; the author is able to publish his or her work in the digital format, reducing the price of their text drastically. 
By purchasing an eBook, you are able to peruse thousands of titles and subjects, as you can then instantly download your book without having to pay for shipping, production, or vendor add-ons. Best of all, your delivery is instant, so you can begin reading immediately! 
In addition, just as many bookstores may offer discounts and promotions on best-selling books, eBook vendors also provide this benefit, and readers can take advantage of discounts on hundreds of eBook subjects and titles. 
The eco-friendly benefit of eBooks cannot be understated; when you read eBooks, you not only save money on shipping and printing, but you save trees, as well as reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from transportation.   
EBook Content and Convenience
EBooks have an ever-expanding subject base, and books are available from content areas such as:
•           Business
•           Drama
•           Folklore
•           Reference
•           Education
•           Children’s books
•           Juvenile literature
•           Humor
•           True Crime
•           Pets and Animals
•           House and Home
eBooks explore a wealth of knowledge traditionally unavailable in printed works. Without publishers who only care about maximizing the bottom line, non-traditional authors can publish their works and share their knowledge. For example, have you always wanted to start a reupholstery business? Printed books are limited, but you can find an eBook that will walk you through each step of the process, sharing truly valuable firsthand insight into how you can maximize the success of your business.   From Olympic athletes to incredibly successful internet entrepreneurs, eBook authors cover the gauntlet – giving the reader unprecedented access to niche information. 
To add to your repertoire of knowledge, by perusing eBook lists, readers have access to up-to-date and instantaneous information about popular books and new releases. Specifically, readers can find out the most recent top-ten best selling eBooks and can even receive alerts about upcoming and newly published materials. As publishers stream hundreds of new eBooks into online databases throughout each day, readers can take advantage of email alerts and message updates regarding the latest publishing breakthroughs in their categories and subjects of interest. 
As readers download the books of their choice, they are also provided with the added convenience of the eBook reading format. eBooks are created specifically in a format that is easily scanned, which often includes bullets and sections for reading support. Also, as eBooks are growing in popularity, there are now a wide variety of eBook reading devices available, which are specifically designed to allow you to store your eBooks and your personal notes - all in one convenient, portable device. 
Who Reads eBooks?
eBooks are the latest modern wave in reading and textual explorations, and therefore, eBooks cater to the needs of a new generation of readers who find eBooks to be more convenient and reader-friendly than traditional paper books. 
As eBooks are convenient for individuals who desire to read from a variety of locations, they allow readers to enjoy texts without having to carry around a number of different books to each unique destination throughout their day. Also, if you’re the type to travel and read on the go, or even if you just want to have access to your favorite texts without carrying a heavy stacks of books with you from home to work and other destinations, eBooks allow you to easily explore all of your textual interests wherever you go, as these titles can be downloaded to your personal computer or laptop, to your PDA, IPOD, Kindle, and even your mobile phone. Adding to this, eBooks are available in online databases, so you can access your books from any computer, at any location anytime!
eBooks are specifically convenient and beneficial for professional needs as well. For example, students can search hundreds of pages in an eBook in mere seconds, whereas traditional texts require more time and tedious attention. Adding to this, professionals in the business world can maintain up-to-date informational texts on their computers or PDAs. Even individuals who live in isolated areas of the world can access eBooks with mere internet access, and therefore, texts can become more shared, more enjoyed, and more beneficial to readers around the world. 
Returns and Refunds
After purchasing your eBook, you also have access to a convenient return and refund policy. If dissatisfied with your eBook purchase, readers can simply remove the eBook from their download order, at which point readers will receive a full refund from the cost of the book. Also, before purchasing an eBook, readers can take advantage of preview options, as many eBook vendors allow interested readers to peruse excerpts of the book online. 


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