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Marketing your eBook

How to Market Your EBook

Now that your eBook has been created and published, you're ready for the exciting part - getting your eBook marketed and generating a stream of income. There are a number of ways to go about marketing your eBook and savvy eBook authors utilize a combination of marketing methods to maximize the profit potential of their eBooks.

Build and Promote Your Own Website

One of the least expensive ways of selling your eBook is via your own website. Web hosting is relatively inexpensive and you can generate a webpage from a template in a matter of minutes. Once your website is up and running, you can begin advertising it and generating eBook sales.

You've probably seen those one-page sales websites that many eBooks are sold on. You know - the ones with the irresistible offers and enticing hooks? It takes the eBook authors selling those eBooks just minutes to create these highly-effective eBook sales pages. If you are going to build your own website to sell your eBook from, you'll want to look into purchasing the Vend-o-Matic! website generator. It's not very expensive and it's an extremely valuable tool.

One of the best ways of advertising your eBook website is with a pay-per-click advertising service. Pay-per-click advertising allows you to place your website ad on the most popular search engines without having to pay thousands of dollars for the privilege. One of the favorite pay-per-click advertising services among eBook authors is the Google Adwords pay-per-click program.

With the Google Adwords program, you create a text ad for your website and then bid a certain amount of money for specific keywords that are relevant to what your website has to offer. How much money you bid will determine where in the search engines your ad will be placed. The amount of money you bid represents the amount you're willing to pay for each visitor who clicks on your ad. The more money you are willing to bid, the higher in the search engines your ad will be placed.

If you were selling an eBook about different cat breeds, you would want to bid on keywords like cat breeds, cat breed information, different types of cats, etc. You would then see what other people were bidding for the same exact keyword phrases. If you wanted to be placed at number one for a specific keyword and the person currently in the top place was bidding fifteen cents, you would need to beat that bid in order to take over the top spot so you would bid sixteen or seventeen cents. That means you'd pay sixteen or seventeen cents for each person who clicked on your ad when searching for the keyword you bid on.

If you want to get the most out of your pay-per-click advertising efforts, you'll want to read up on the subject. EBooks like Google AdWords Handbook: 21 Ways to Maximize Results and Mastering Google AdWords are excellent sources of pay-per-click advertising information and advice.

Pay-per-click advertising is an excellent way of driving quality traffic to your website. By driving traffic to your website, you can kick-start your eBook sales and begin gathering customer testimonials to use in future eBook marketing campaigns.

Using ClickBank

One of the most popular and most successful methods of marketing an eBook is through the website. When marketing your eBook via, it's like hiring a swarm of salespeople to advertise your eBook for you. You pay the salespeople (referred to as affiliates) a percentage of the eBook price to market and sell your eBook through their site, gets a small fee and the rest is yours to keep.

For example, let's say you had an eBook to sell. The price of the eBook was $24.99 and you wanted to sell it via the ClickBank website. You would pay a one-time $49.95 activation fee. Then ClickBank would list your eBook in their product catalog. The affiliate marketers (commissioned salespeople) then start promoting your eBook on their websites. You pay these affiliate marketers the commission you have determined for each eBook you sell, ClickBank gets a small fee and you get the rest.

There are more than 100,000 affiliates marketing the eBooks for sale on the website, so the exposure the site can provide you with is virtually unsurpassed. The money spent towards affiliate commissions is more than made up for by the increase in sales volume that authors experience when using for their marketing needs.

ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips is a great eBook that gives you an inside look at how the ClickBank affiliate program works. This eBook will shed some light on what makes ClickBank affiliates want to promote your eBook for you.

Listing Your eBook with Online eBook Stores

In addition to building and promoting your own website and signing up with to sell your product, you should also list your eBook with online eBook stores like Each and every day, thousands of people visit eBook stores on the Web and if you want your eBook to get maximum exposure, you're going to want to have your eBook listed with at least one or two of these eBook stores.

In Closing

Once your eBook is on the market and is being promoted, it will only be a matter of time before orders start coming in. After you see how profitable creating eBooks can be, you may want to move onto another topic and create another eBook for profit. When you have one or two eBooks under your belt, you will be able to start building a reputation as an established eBook author and an increasing number of people may start seeking out the eBooks written by you.

Once you have earned a reputation as an online expert, your offline income opportunities will also increase. You'll be able to put your knowledge, experience and reputation to work for you by using them to promote all of your offline endeavors. Many eBook writers have gone on to grow offline businesses and successful consulting services as a result of their online eBook success.


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