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Understanding the intricacies of foreign language is a key to breaking down cultural barriers. Whether you travel to foreign lands or not, learning a new language can help you connect with other people on entirely new level. Fortunately, you don't have to head back to school to learn how to speak new languages. There are language ebooks that can teach you everything you need to know. eBook Explorer carries a great selection of ebooks that make learning a new language easy. Some of our most popular titles include:
Confident Grammar - Chris Louis' new Confident Grammar system allows you to avoid embarrasing mistakes in English...step-by-step. Only 7 minutes a day is required to improve your speech and writing. "Embarrassing Grammar Mistakes You Must Avoid" is: -The ONLY Grammar course that improves your grammar and communication at record speed by focusing on the most common mistakes you must avoid. -A complete grammar and communication enhancement system that's guaranteed to dramatically improve your communication skills in 30 days or less. -Only the information you need to quickly improve your communication for success.
English For Hindi Speakers - This English Speaking Course will teach you to speak English in just 30 days. Here's what you will learn: -How to think in English -How to speak correct English -How to make your own sentences in English -How to ask questions in English -How to answer questions in English And much more.
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Speak Japanese Fast Speak Japanese Fast
Category: Society
Subcategory: Language
Help customers learn Japanese. $34.95
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